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Ask Better Questions,
Create a Better Life

A two hour (approx), group session

Personal Development Intuitive
Tabetha Dowson

A fun and light hearted intro into the way Tabetha works. Learn how a new skill that could possibly change your life forever, in ways you would never imagine, and feel safe in a group situation as you unfold more of your own amazing power.

And the best part is, its a fixed price! So fill the rooom, don't fill the room... Minimum of 3 particpants for each booking.

Transform your reality one moment at time.

Topics that are able to be covered in the session are;

*  Relationships
*  Money/Wealth
*  Business/finance
*  Work
*  Working relationships
*  Decision making
*  Winning/losing
*  Health

Introductory offer for a limited time only, normally $150, now only $100 until 31st December 2021.


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